12 October 2011

Postcards from New York No. 2

Day two began again at SU (side note: I called it SU all day instead of Syracuse University just to show how integrated I can be; by the end of the day, it was ‘campus’).  Sat for a while having my morning tea – I splurged and bought the 75 cent cup, thinking I will save my tea bags for NYC when cups of tea are proportionally more expensive – and mapped out my daily happenings although they did not quite play the way I mapped out, with no complaint from me.  Props to Marta for previously stating that things never go as planned.

Mom, this one is for you.

Went to the SU Art Galleries.  The featured exhibition was interesting, but I was most intrigued by the storage of their permanent collection.  It was neat and organized and completely visible (at least their three-dimensional works; the two-dimensional works –photographs and prints – were accessible in flat files but needed supervision for viewing).  Fascinating!  Had a short but good discussion with one of the employees about searchable online databases.

Walked to Everson Museum of Art, which I found last night in a Google search; a lucky find because Alec Soth’s From Here To There is currently on view in the upper galleries.  I was jazzed; I must tell Tara.  Completely different experience viewing larger prints, though likely my favored experience was hearing T.S. Eliot read The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock; I tuned out the other guy.  I was happily amused.

Reciprocal admission did not score any points for me today, but it was worth the ten dollars and the admissions desk clerk was more than agreeable and pointed me to a fantastic vegan eatery.  Ate a cup of minestrone soup and amazing Tofu-Lettuce-Tomato sandwich at Strong Hearts CafĂ©.  If I lived here, I’d go here.  Even grabbed a couple Alternative Baking Company cookies for the train ride to NYC tomorrow morning (Duration 5hrs, 40mins). 

Onward to The Warehouse Gallery in Armory Square, showing work from three California-based street artists.  I liked one.  Small gallery.  Cute area.  No photography allowed. 

Free bus ride back to main campus, desperate for a cup of tea, or a nap.  Met up briefly with Stacy before heading to an LGBT event of people telling their Coming Out Stories.  An amazingly heartwarming and human evening.  I think a lot of people only came for the free pizza.

Immediate list of things to do: Eat, Bathe, and Rearrange my packed items.  Zipper broke on my backpack, not unlikely from stuffing in my running shoes.  Questioning a) whether it needs to be replaced before the end of the trip, and b) whether it needs to be replaced at all.  Not staying zipped currently is not an option.