11 October 2011

Postcards from New York No.1

Arrived in Syracuse today in one piece though an hour and some behind schedule.  After a cold and miserable overnight, my spirits perked up after the sun began to rise.  I watched Pennsylvania come and go.  I found it funny how the country looks the same from middle to end.

my fairwell to milwaukee

A bus and a transfer later I was at Syracuse University.  It was mid-afternoon.  Met with Stacy and got the basic tour, and a map! before she had to run to class.  Explored the student center and the library, though I only made it to floor four; after the second the floors all look the same any way.  Went to People's Place, a small, student-run cafe and ordered a cup of hot water.  I brought my own tea, you see.  I gave the girl a quarter any way and she looked confused.  "Put it in the tip jar," I suggested and stepped aside to cap my cardboard mug.  Went outside and sat in the quad like a newbie, made a couple phone calls, and then laid to rest my eyes.  I could see the University Galleries from there, but that is for tomorrow.  The campus is some thing beautiful, with old buildings standing along side modern ones, and the sky opening endlessly.  Met up with Stacy again and walked to her apartment then to a diner for some half price sushi.  That is a word you will hear often on this trip: sushi.  

Until tomorrow.