13 October 2011

Postcards from New York No. 3

Awoke early to catch 6:05am bus to Syracuse Amtrak station for my 6:55am departure to New York City.  The walk from the apartment to the bus stop was short, but rainy, and all together / altogether my bags are too heavy.  I decided on the downhill walk that I must be even more minimal.  I leave while most of Syracuse is still sleeping.

I tried to sleep for the beginning portion of the ride, knowing what lay ahead; still, I was only able to knock off for a short time.  My head was too full.  Tip for future endeavors: If it’s on a train, it needs a blanket.  Still, never a dull moment.  The ride between Syracuse and New York City is incredible.  The autumn colors are said to be more beautiful here in New England, but they simply reminded me of my Midwestern home.  I see similarities and disparities in everything; overwhelmingly, every thing is connected.

I like New York state; it has all these funny named cities and towns like Schenectady and Poughkeepsie and Yonkers.

Arrived at Penn Station on time.  I was underwhelmed.  I suppose I was expecting some thing more like Grand Central, some thing, dare I say, romantic.  This place was sterile-looking like an airport but felt dirty like a subway.  Yes, the perfect description.  There were no seats anywhere so I sat on the ground to catch my breath.  Ejected myself onto the street and toward the Manhattan Mall, still carrying my full load, where I had hoped to quell my screaming empty stomach.  There is no food court in Manhattan Mall, I discovered, which made since, since the entire city is a food court.

Decided I would ignore my need for sustenance, bought my one week unlimited riding pass and navigated my way on the metro system to Union Square, hoping to get an early check-in.  Success.  I have likely only once or twice in my life been happier to see a bed knowing it is specifically mine (for the time being).