25 January 2010

Collect.Select.Reflect: Walker Percy

From The Delta Factor, an excerpt addressing the attempt to answer unanswerable questions...

"As it stands, it is nothing more than a few trails blazed through a dark wood, most dead-ended. I should consider it worthwhile even if it established no more than that there is such a wood - for not even that much is known now - and that it is very dark indeed."

Collect.Select.Reflect: As some one who enjoys reading and soaking in words, I find that I am inspired as much by literature as I am by images. I am a walking quote dictionary. So I have decided to share here. The words will not always be from photographers, but any that I find inspiring or moving or thought provoking. Or what I am obsessed with at the time. I hope these words are able to provide inspiration to others as they have for me.