12 January 2010

Collect.Select.Reflect: Marta Shumylo

Special Little Something © Marta Shumylo

"I've learned how to forget what uninspires me."

Marta is a fellow photography student at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and a friend to me as dear as the sun that shines on this earth. She inspires and amazes me every day. My experiences in Milwaukee and at MIAD would not have and would not be as rich as they are without her presence.
To Marta: thank you, moja lubov.

You can view more work from Marta Shumylo HERE.

Collect.Select.Reflect: As some one who enjoys reading and soaking in words, I find that I am inspired as much by literature as I am by images. I am a walking quote dictionary. So I have decided to share here. The words will not always be from photographers, but any that I find inspiring or moving. Or what I am obsessed with at the time. I hope these words are able to provide inspiration to others as they have for me.