06 November 2009

Collect.Select.Reflect: Ruth Bernhard.

Perspectives II © Ruth Bernhard

"I think what I'd probably like to be known for is that 'She loved life.' That's a pretty good thing to have loved."

For almost as long as I have been interested in photography I have been fascinated with nude photography. It was surprising to me, then, that I was not aware of Ruth Bernhard's work until my mentor, Randy Paul-Petersen, introduced me to it last year.
What amazes me about her work is how she arranges the form, turning the body into a landscape where light settles and hides.

Collect.Select.Reflect: As some one who enjoys reading and soaking in words, I find that I am inspired as much by literature as I am by images. I am a walking quote dictionary. So I have decided to share here. The words will not always be from photographers, but any that I find inspiring or moving. Or what I am obsessed with at the time. I hope these words are able to provide inspiration to others as they have for me.