08 November 2009

© aryn kresol.

Garry Winogrand said "I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed." This statement very much reflects my own motivation behind this piece. When an idea occurs to me, I have to pursue it. Even if it turns out unfruitful, the process is still a means to quell the compulsion. Often times, as photographers, we have a certain vision (at least with pre-considered pieces) of what we want a photograph to look like. And often times, the resulting photograph is not how we first envisioned. This was not one of those times.
The construction was fairly simple: between the camera and subject, a piece of glass. Onto this piece of glass, the subject released a stream of water creating the ripples and distortion you see here. The glass acts as a barrier but also a part of the space - a place for visual engagement and interaction, not just for the subject of the photograph but for the viewer as well.
When this idea occurred to me, it was a tiny voice in my head asking, "I wonder if...". The question crept its way into my head and the only means of answering was to pursue it. I was pleased when the final image coincided with what I had previously envisioned. Ask me now what I learned when I photographed this and I will answer that I learned what this looks like photographed.