22 May 2015

4' 33"

David Tudor walks across the stage and sits down within the boundaryless universe. He crosses his legs (so to speak) and begins an interval of non-doing.
As the stopwatch ticks, he will perform "nothing."
In these four-plus minutes an opening occurs.
No expression of will or ego.
No walls between composer and performer.
No walls between the pianist and the people listening.
No dualistic divisions into "high" or "low," "good" or "not good."
No "art" versus "life."
No value judgments and no lack of value judgments.
No arising and no lack of arising.
No separation of any kind -- no walls at all -- and therefore perfect interpenetration.
No form and no lack of form, no emptiness and no absence of emptiness.
No sensation and no lack of sensation.
No music and yet the music of the world.