16 March 2013

Notes from a packrat with minimalist desires: if only for the hippos' sake

I had a dream a short while ago, in which I was standing near the window of a tall building looking out into the street.  All of a sudden, there in the street, were baby hippopotamuses running into traffic followed by their much larger mama hippo.  I was so afraid that the hippos would be hit.  After a moment watching them, the mama hippopotamus collapsed on the side of the road, terrified, and human children gathered around throwing rocks at her.  I ran down from the tall building determined to save the creatures.  When I reached the ground, there was an older man that was "protecting" the mama hippo; at this time the babies had all been huddled on the other side of the street.  I demanded that we find a safe haven for the animals: "Otherwise, she'll die!"  But alas, in the middle of the street (by this time, I realized I was in Milwaukee) I had only my phone, without any super abilities, and so some girl who was standing by had this smart phone/tablet/ipad/something and was able to map and find a Milwaukee Hippopotamus Sanctuary.  I woke up thinking: maybe I really do need to update my phone plan, for the hippos sake.