23 August 2012

Andrew Juniper, Wabi sabi: the Japanese art of impermanence

p155: Buddhists say that the idea that desires can, if given sufficient means, be satiated and appeased is an obvious fallacy, and that beyond one desire lies an inexhaustible line of others.  The only true way, then, to find a state of independence from the demands of the physical world is by ceasing to need more than is required.  By only taking what is really needed to maintain physical health there is then freedom from the relentless desire to have anything more.  The scope of this freedom is far-reaching, because it then opens the way for a simple life without the need to chase dreams of wealth or sensual gratification.  Freed from the desires, a person should be able to find peace and not need to invest so many hours of the day in pursuit of goals that yield only transient satisfaction.