17 October 2011

Postcards from New York No. 7

Last morning in New York City.  Packed up my things to check out from the hotel before I departed for my daily adventures, short as they may be.  Arrived at the Museum of Modern Art by their 10:30am opening; caught some passersby on the way.

The New York Joe and Annie

The New York EKP

Briefly met with the MIAD group upon their arrival at 11am.  Walked through the de Kooning exhibition on the sixth floor.  I was pleasantly surprised, for, though I claim to not like de Kooning, I was quite taken with his earlier portraits (pre 1945).  I find it interesting that those were merely the starting point and he diverged so greatly thereafter.  I was also quite impressed with the photography collection and current exhibition, though there was not nearly enough time for me to properly explore and absorb.  Left for a quick bite to eat with Marta and Paige and then off to collect my bags and on to Grand Central to catch my bus to LaGuardia.  It was everything Penn Station was not. 

My bus departed and arrived at the airport so early that I was placed on an earlier flight back to Milwaukee.  I landed in Milwaukee 20 minutes before my original flight would have departed LaGuardia.  Sweet!

The plane had so many empty seats that I sat in my aisle alone.  It was an appropriate return for such a voyage.  Passed a wind farm and I thought of Charlie, the wind turbine I had met - and my sister had named - back in 2008.  Came in from the east, watching the city appear closer and closer until... my house!  My house!  I could see my house; we were directly above it.  Landed.  My brother picked me up and after a short while I convinced him of a sushi dinner at Kiku downtown.  It was better sushi than I had during my eating adventures in New York state.  Though I did not get to too many sushi restaurants in the city, from this perspective, I can say that Milwaukee has better sushi (in my price range) than New York City.