24 May 2010

This week: Haggerty Internship and the Humanity of the Moment.

Today I began my summer internship at the Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University in Milwaukee. I most definitely have a fun, interesting, engaging, challenging, and educational few months ahead of me and I am quite excited. There was no time wasted as I was pulled into an exhibition meeting just moments after my arrival. I have a long list of artist names to explore. After the meeting my time was spent attempting to learn staff names, reading, writing, and learning a little bit about the museum computer cataloging system (which every one is learning since it is new).

I was ecstatic upon seeing a piece in the current exhibition, one by photographer Ruth Bernhard (featured in my Collect.Select.Reflect collection). The piece was a lot larger than I anticipated and I later found out that it was a reprint of the original, printed thirty years later. Bernhard is among my favored photographers.

In the Box - Horizontal 1962 © Ruth Bernhard

In other news, the class that I was T.A.'d for during the spring semester is having a show of work produced over the duration of the course. The class was run in conjunction with Milwaukee Art Museum's Street Seen photography exhibition, which closed at the end of April. The Humanity of the Moment opens this Wednesday, May 26th at the Milwaukee City Hall Rotunda at 4:45pm - 7:30pm. I will be there! The show runs through June 4th. Visit the MIAD site for all the info that I just gave here and more.