09 March 2010

may i feel said he, 2008
rockford il
© aryn kresol

I can recall a time when asked what or why I photographed, my answer would sound much like that of others: that I photographed what I found to be beautiful; now, I cannot even stand the word. Before, my photography followed what was going on in my life, or more appropriately, who. The epitome of this and my motivation to capture what I saw as beautiful led me here (to him). As I may have said before, love inspires every thing that I do and so it is not surprising that I ardently desired to photograph the object of my love. I suppose one could say now that this was a way of solidifying this moment into my memory, taking cue from Duane Michals and making my own This Photograph is My Proof; proof of his weight on my mattress, of his skin on my sheets, of his face in front of my lens, of his presence in my world. But if I really had to say it, I would say it was my way of showing the world who meant the world to me, in one of the only ways I know how: photographically.