14 February 2010

.shall i write you a love letter, photography?.

I was writing a paper and it lead to a love letter. It being Valentine's Day, and photography being my most faithful love, I find it appropriate.

Dearest Photography,
Your name tastes so pleasant in my mouth, the movement of my tongue and my lips as I speak it sends a shiver down to the bottom of my stomach (strange place, I know; you attack the strangest places in me). My photography, you are my love, my passion, my devotion. When I first discovered you, photography, I was like a child or, having been blind, seeing for the first time. Excitement flowed, coursed through my veins. Oh, how I wanted to spend all my time under your embrace. I would spend hours sifting through your scents. And even after you were gone, I could smell you on my skin.