30 January 2010

Milwaukee Art Museum: Street Scene

I took the opportunity to attend the opening of Street Seen: The Psychological Gesture in American Photography, 1940-1959 at the Milwaukee Art Museum on Thursday night. Lisa Hostetler, the curator of photographs for the museum, gave a terrific lecture and introduction to the exhibition.

This morning, I had the extreme pleasure of revisiting the museum, along with the students of MIAD's Professional Builder Photography's 20/20 Vision: The Humanity of the Moment class, for a personal gathering with one of the noted photographers in the exhibition, Saul Leiter. For being 87 years old, Saul is quite full of life and humor. It was truly a pleasurable experience to be able to hear him speak about his photographs and the relationships he's had with the people and places.

Reflection, 1958 © Saul Leiter

I would recommend that any one who has the opportunity to come visit Milwaukee and see the exhibit to do so. I may have more to say about the specifics once I get the opportunity to spend more time with the work!