06 January 2010

Annie Rudolph Photography

11th Street © Annie Rudolph

I met Annie Rudolph in the Fall of 2006 when she was simultaneously in two of my classes at Rock Valley College in Rockford, IL, one of which happened to be a course in introductory photography. With Randy Paul-Petersen as our fateful leader, many of the students in that course formed a bond that extended beyond the classroom, of which I was and am grateful to be a part.

The Temptress in the Green Dress (Annie Rudolph) © Aryn Kresol

I have always admired Annie's ambition and never-ending enthusiasm for photography. She was one of the other photographers, along with Carrie Allen, with which I had a photography show in October 2009, Chris French Presents: Annie Rudolph, Aryn Kresol, and Carrie Allen.

Annie recently developed a website, which is the main motivation behind this post: a chance for me to share with others a person who has shared so much with me.

You can view Annie's work on her website: Annie Rudolph Photography
on Myspace
and on Facebook