10 November 2009

Collect.Select.Reflect: Zoriah Miller.

From Architecture of War story © Zoriah Miller

"You don't always know where you are going, but if you keep moving forward, you end up getting there."

In the manner of war photographer James Natchwey, Zoriah Miller became a photographer to tell the stories of people during conflict. This motivation to capture the pains and one of the most devastating realities of human behavior stems from the responsibility the photographer feels to the people involved; as Zoriah Miller stated in an interview by The Denver Waldorf School, "I think that showing the daily lives of those who are truly affected by war is my responsibility" [1]. It is this responsibility that keeps Miller motivated to produce the work that he does. His purpose is "Documenting Life in Conflict" and he has dozens of photographic was stories that do just that. But these stories serve not only to cater to those to which the war has a direct impact but also serve to inform those who are, themselves distanced from the conflict.

From War in Afghanistan story © Zoriah Miller

Collect.Select.Reflect: As some one who enjoys reading and soaking in words, I find that I am inspired as much by literature as I am by images. I am a walking quote dictionary. So I have decided to share here. The words will not always be from photographers, but any that I find inspiring or moving. Or what I am obsessed with at the time. I hope these words are able to provide inspiration to others as they have for me.