20 November 2009

Butterfly: Awakening

Awakening No. 3 © aryn kresol

With this series, I am exploring the mental perception of the body by experimenting with its physical relation to itself. Visual or mental perception changes, just as the physical form. By literally intertwining the same form multiple times, I am able to create a new surface, a new body. This new development serves to emphasize the transformation of how one perceives one's own body as mental and physical growth is experienced. Awakening references an awareness of the body, a mental experience of one's physical self. We are not as we are but we are how we perceive ourselves to be.

.aryn kresol.

Awakening No. 2 © aryn kresol

Awakening No. 4 © aryn kresol

Awakening No. 5 © aryn kresol