15 October 2011

Postcards from New York No. 5

Day five already; it is hard to believe.  I like having particular things in mind, but making the decisions as I go, or like this morning, waking up with the map beside and deciding where I will start.

Walked around farmer’s market in Union Square, on the lookout for the vegan muffin cart I bought from the last time I was in the city.  No dice. 

Headed up to Chelsea to meet with Marta and other former MIAD classmates (arrived yesterday afternoon)  and spent the better portion of the day visiting galleries and the like in the area.  Do Ho Suh at Lehmann Maupin.  Alice Attie at Foley Gallery.  Elinor Carucci at Sasha Wolf Gallery.  Ethan Murrow at Winston Wachter.  This igloo of books, where I did not note the artist or the gallery where it was shown.  Others.

Stopped at a thrift store – Buffalo – on 26th I believe.  Bought nothing.  I am really pleased with how selective I have become in my progression to living with less.

Ethan Murrow

Delicious vegan chocolate rugelach before naptime. 

Met up again with Marta and Paige for a walk to Friend House for an intimate sushi dinner, Paige’s first.  She took no liking to it.  Quite entertaining to watch though.  I took the “surprise me” route and ordered the chef’s choice platter.  Worth the try, but too much sashimi for me.  I would rather have my maki and eat it too.